Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Friday, April 16, 2010

The World Needs Bunny Huggers - Really

At a class the other night, I met a woman who works at the local Humane Society. Soon we were discussing my pet rabbits. She was grateful that I had adopted some of them from the Society.

Not long into our conversation, she asked if I would like to volunteer as a Bunny Hugger. I knew about this role. People come in and literally hug the bunnies that are living at the shelter. Once she said it, I started thinking that maybe I would like to do that. I did say, though, that I should hug my own rabbit more. And that is true.

I do not devote as much time to my pet as I could and probably should. I love her, I try to keep her favourite food in the house (carrot tops), I try to keep her house clean and I try to let her out to play. I'm better at some of those things than others. My intentions are good.

The thing for me to keep in mind is that helping one pet rabbit or any other animal is a good thing to do. It doesn't mean that I have to help or save every other animal too. If only we could. But we can't. I could go and hug every bunny; I could bring some more home. I could (easily) become the Crazy Rabbit Lady. If already I don't always do enough for Freckles, things could really deteriorate if I had more. So, if I know my limitations and do what I can, there's no need to feel that I should do more. To my rabbit Freckles, I mean a lot and helping her makes the world a teeny bit better.

I remember the Starfish story, used in a United Way campaign one year, I believe. Here is a link to that story:

It's nice to make a difference to one. I will go and get Freckles out.


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