Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Like Writing

Today I had to do an assignment for a writing class that I'm taking. I had left it until the last day. I worked on it throughout the day and admit that by the end, I had the word count toolbar on the screen and was just trying to get enough words. It wasn't the most exciting assignment in the world. Still though, it was writing and that's good.

I don't know yet where this writing thing will lead. I am just looking for opportunities to write. It's getting to the point, maybe, that I have to write. I have to find an avenue for expression. I don't know if I can express how excited I am about writing.

I have always been intrigued by the idea of people finding what they are supposed to be doing. I remember, years ago, looking at the work of a Mad magazine writer or artist and just knowing that he was doing exactly what he should be doing. I see actors born to act, paramedics who can handle that line of work, cooks born to cook, teachers born to teach and the list could go on and on. How are people seemingly designed for certain roles? It makes me think that maybe God plans this out. I find it a really interesting thing to figure out or at least to think about.

For me, writing may be my thing. I'm not saying I'm extremely talented at it but I believe that I have some aptitude for it and obviously, some interest. (It's 11:58 at night and I'm writing by choice. There's interest.) I hope that everyone finds or has found something that they love doing. It's truly great when you find it.


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