Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Book Titles For Your Consideration On Topics Important To Us All

Once again, I've come up with some possible book titles.  Please take a look and see which ones are of particular interest to you.

1.  Goodbye Alonzo:  Healing Strategies for When Your Lawn Rabbit Moves On

2.  Feet and Toes:  A Photographic Extravaganza

3.  Efficient Barking for the Modern Dog:  Knowing When It Matters and Making It Really Count

4.  Dressing Your Rabbit for Halloween:   Finding a Costume You Both Will Like

5.  Planning Your Indoor Gazebo:  A Sensible Approach to a Curious Living Space

6.  When Chicken Goes Wrong:  Overcoming Your Poultry Fears

7.  Autumn's Hidden Danger:  Frightening Stumbles on Beautiful but Slippery Leaves

8.  The Potato:  Finding The Beauty In an Ugly Tuber

9.  Birthday Cakes:  Don't We All Want Only The Icing, Isn't It Time We Admit This Is True?

10. A Squirrel's Guide to Autumn:  Safety and Scheduling Tips for your Busy Gathering Season

11. Sunshine in a Shell:  A History of Eggs

12. "They're Organically Sourced and Air-Purifying" - And Other Ways to Explain
      Your Embarrassing House Fly Problem

13. Your Leafy Friend:   How to Get Closer to An Indoor Houseplant

14. Chair or Bleachers:  Solutions to Some of the Baseball Spectator's Common Dilemmas

15. You and Your Nasal Passages:  An Important Relationship and One Oft-Neglected

16. When Smoothies Go Wrong:  My Life-Changing Experience with a Blender Piece Gone Wild

17. The Pig as a Pet:  Ways to Explain Why It Is A Good Idea

18. Nap Like a Pro:  Tips for A Happy Rest (With New Bonus Feature:  A Study in Drool)

19. Harrowing Crafting Stories from People Not Well-Suited to Crafts

20. My Thoughts on Lettuce (First Time in Book Form)

Your feedback is welcome.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Desperate Situations

This past week, 111 people (and probably many more) died after a boat ran into trouble and sank between Africa and Italy.  There were 155 survivors.  The boat was only about 600 metres from shore when it met its tragic end.  The passengers on this boat were attempting migration to Europe.  These attempts are not rare:

"Thousands make the perilous crossing each year, seeking a new life in the prosperous European Union. Smugglers charge thousands of dollars a head for the journey aboard overcrowded, barely seaworthy boats that lack life vests. Each year hundreds die undertaking the crossing."  (Toronto Star, Article By: Luca Bruno Andrea Rosa Associated Press, Published on Sat Oct 05 2013)

In addition to feeling sad for the many victims of this tragedy, I have concern for the plight of all the people who board these boats.  How bad are their lives in the countries from which they come?  How dim do their prospects appear?  What makes it seem worth the risk to pay the money and crowd onto these dangerous boats?

It would be good, if it were possible, to improve the safety of these boats.  Perhaps that should be attempted.  It wouldn't address the reasons though why people board them.  It wouldn't address the desperate situations in the countries these people leave behind.  A tragedy like this can bring to our attention that people in some countries live in terrible conditions.  We can then consider what actions may be taken to change that.

Whatever happens in the future, this tragedy has taken place.  I feel bad for all those who lost their lives.  I am very sorry that their dreams ended as they did.