Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Thursday, August 14, 2014

All That Sludge

Today, for me, is a day about blockages. Hopefully, as well, it is a day about breaking through them. I really need to do that in the kitchen drain and my rabbit will feel a lot better if we can do that in his digestive system too.

Perhaps it is a day, too, on which we can consider blockages that aren't physical. Personally, I need and want to break through the blockages, the walls that keep me from believing I can succeed in any way. I'm tired of being surrounded by these beliefs, conscious or not, that tell me I could never do that, I shouldn't try that, others may succeed at something but I never would. It doesn't matter where all this comes from - it has to go away. I need to take action to break through the heavy, thick, ugly, grey sludge that's in my mind. (On a side note, I don't know if any of those adjectives were necessary to describe sludge. Are they there to clarify that I'm not referring to sludge that's light, thin, pretty, and colourful? I suppose the extra information doesn't hurt.)

I wonder how many other people are wasting their talents, blocked from sharing them, blocked by their beliefs. It is a shame and a waste. The world needs everyone to offer that which they have to share. I wonder if I can play a role in helping others get unblocked too. Wow, that is something I would like to be able to do. Again, there, I question that I would be able.

I believe we have roles to play in the world. Sitting on my couch and feeling myself to be without power, connection, know-how is not mine. I hope. I can't provide instructions for breaking through sludge right now because I don't yet know how. I hope soon to be able to report on how I unclogged my life and got the flow going. At the very least I hope to have a successful kitchen drain story to share soon and a happy tale about my rabbit's recovery. There's a lot of sludge around here right now to get through.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Sad Little Boy at Summer Camp

I don't know why he's sad. I caught a glimpse of him as a counselor spoke with him, at the back of the room, away from the other campers. The counselor was young himself. Perhaps his youth would be an advantage as he tried to help this boy. He may well understand what it's like to be so little and so sad.

There are so many reasons a boy like that could be sad. It's Monday - is this his first at camp? Is this his first day away from Mom? Or is another day of many this summer when he's been in that building, at a camp, trying to pretend he's having fun when he's not? Is he in trouble and not usually in trouble and feeling awful about that? Or is always in trouble and he knows that he should cry? No, I think this boy's sadness was real. Is he tired? That happens. Or is he afraid to go in the pool? That could happen. The world's still pretty new to this little guy; sometimes it's hard to be brave.

We all face challenges - even big boys and girls. I wrote the first two paragraphs yesterday before I knew about Robin Williams. Such a funny, funny man felt so much pain. I hope that the little boy is feeling happier now. If only a camp counselor could take everyone aside who feels pain and really help them. If only.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Some New Book Titles For Your Consideration

Once again, I have developed a list of potential book titles. Your input on any and all of them is very welcome. Any one of them could end up being a masterpiece. Or not.

1.  Occasional Tooth Flossing and the Treasures You Can Find

2.  Decorating With Bananas

3.  The Case for Hopping:  An Insightful Compilation of Essays by Rabbits and Kangaroo Authors

4.  The Sunday Morning Traffic Helicopter: Addressing the Question "Why?"

5.  Strategies for the Unusually-Toed (Volume 1):  Finding the Right-Shaped Shoes

6.  A Squirrel's Guide to Summer: Relaxing while Planning for Your Busy Gathering Season

7.  The Avocado:  Getting to Know It Better and Making It Your Friend

8.  You and Your Bad Mood:  Exploiting Its Awesome Power for Personal and Professional Gain

9.  The Role of Pickles in Today's Society And a Look at the Years Ahead

10. "How Was Clown College?" - Hilarious Things to Say When People Make Fun of Your Comedy Class

11. Going Out for Breakfast: Towards An Understanding Of Why Eating Eggs in Public Brings Such Joy

12. People and their Dustbuster Handheld Vacuums: A Stunning Photo Collection

I will leave the list at that for now and should get working on title number five. I could really use some right-shaped shoes.

Happy reading!


Friday, August 8, 2014

Random Thoughts I'll Share on an August Afternoon

Well, thoughts come to us. Here are some of my recent ones. Please feel free to comment upon and discuss them.

1.  Sun-dried tomato and chicken sausages are not an entirely delightful food. Even in the fun environment of a street festival, I did not enjoy or finish my hot dog. The bun was good but wasn't enough to win out over a disappointing sausage.I will note this for future reference. I suppose I just did.

2.  I wonder if anyone has ever considered that children might not like balloons. I saw several balloons fly up in the air today and I never heard a child crying or saw one standing with a look of utter devastation on his or her once happy young face. Maybe they just let go of them because they don't want them. And really, what excitement is there to holding onto a string? While this might be a crushing blow to the helium and helium tank industry (and balloon manufacturers but I hold out hope that they can adapt), perhaps it's time we stopped giving children balloons. It doesn't seem like they'd care.

3.  I've had a lot of turmoil finding a hairstylist. I like to think that it's not all my fault - especially when they suddenly leave the salon without telling me (although thankfully, so far at least, not mid-hair service) but I wonder.  Is my hair particularly challenging or do they have an issue with my personality? I'm not skilled in small talk but do I do so badly that people flee or, as in one case, an appointment I thought I had made vanishes?  More troubling though is the fact that I have now found a stylist who assures me she is not going anywhere. I believe her. The problem is that I don't like what she did to my hair. Yes, she is the one who will stay and whom I will try avoid seeing in places around the neighbourhood.

4.  I struggle with whether or not my family should keep subscribing to our local newspaper. Some columnists I liked are gone from it, I learn what's happening in the city and world from other sources, and I find myself spending less and less time looking at this newspaper. I do enjoy my newspaper reading routines though and I might have to come up with some substitute procedures. I could eat my breakfast while looking at a newspaper sized piece of cardboard situated underneath my plate and then carry it into the living room to continue my viewing while I drank a morning cup of coffee. It is my hope that I would realize the futility of this practice and be able to let it go. I wonder how long that would take.

5.  My decision to move my pajamas to a different drawer, in a different dresser was wrong. I am sorry to all those who were hurt by that decision (that may just be me). While changing some things around can be good, it seems that other things belong in certain locations and in those locations, they should stay. I am relieved that no longer will I have to look at the third drawer down in the taller dresser and think - "Oh, there's where my pajamas used to be. How I love to recall those glorious days." Instead, I will be able to look at that drawer and pull out pajamas once again. I look forward to the comfort and security that reality will bring.

6. I think it may be time to befriend the avocado.  (Further information and instructions to follow.)

7.  At dinner, I found myself trying to use a fork, knife and spoon for our spaghetti and meatballs dinner. My reasoning was that I needed the spoon to help roll the spaghetti up onto the fork, I needed a knife to cut the meatballs and, while I doubt it requires explanation, I use a fork to eat. I was quite unfamiliar with this selection of cutlery pieces though and kept being confused by the spoon's inability to be a knife. It's amazing how something so simple can be very disorienting. We become very used to the ways in which we do things and we don't always attack a dinner with these 3 utensils. Perhaps we never should.

8. While in the grocery store today, I noticed a breakfast theme in one aisle and recalled hearing at one time that the store was to be classified by meals. Looking across the aisle, however, I saw boxed mashed potatoes and fake chicken gravy powder. To me, cereal seems like a more suitable choice for that spot. So, either some people begin their days in ways I had never considered or the store did not follow the meal classification idea closely. I hope for the latter. I'm not sure a world where people eat mashed potatoes slathered with gravy for breakfast would be a good place.

Happy Friday and I'm not judging anyone's breakfast choices (judge, judge). I am questioning the role of sundried tomato and chicken sausages at any time of day though. In my opinion, those just weren't good. Have fun!