Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Standing (and Standing) in Line at the Grocery Store

This evening I went grocery shopping with my son. It was 10% Tuesday. I like to get there for the savings and saved over $60. The savings is based on prices at a relatively expensive store but still, it's better than paying full price. And my son accompanied me and really helped. He's great.

For some reason, although the line-up wasn't long, there was a delay with the customer in front of us. The cashier had to look through the items on the receipt, sort out something with the customer and generally delay me from getting home to eat. I had already remained very cheerful through another mysterious delay at Starbucks. But I do stay cheerful as best I can. It doesn't do any good to put anger out there into the world.

As I stood there, and stood there, I had time to look at a number of magazines that were conveniently placed at the cash desk. Some of them dealt with how to get organized. Well, there's less to organize if you don't buy magazines. I bought none of them. Some dealt with better ways to clean. I can figure that out on my own. I just have to do it. Some dealt with entertainers with whom I am not familiar. Those ones were easy to turn down.

It seems nice to me to buy a magazine at the grocery store. I remember my Dad doing that for my Mum when he did the shopping. But the magazines come home and the magazines pile up. And what are we really buying? If I see the word "Organized," I'm tempted to buy the magazine because I want to be organized. Here's my money, I like that idea. And so it goes with other words and concepts relating to self-discovery, friendship, weight loss, quick meals, super foods, health, and exercise. And more. Really, though, we know what we want to work on, we can seek out the information we need and we don't need the magazines. The publishers and advertisers need us but we really don't need them.

So, I didn't buy any magazines this evening. Nor any of the chocolate and gum that was behind me. It's a little less exciting being this reasonable. But at least I indulged in a coffee that I didn't need. I can't be good all the time!



  1. Wow, I love this post!
    How often do I, also, stand in line at the store - sometimes Walmart,- and think, "How many people buy something extra from this pile of interesting-looking things at the check out. There is everything from gum to toothbrushes to tiny breath mints. Also, batteries, mags and chocolate. I usually see someone buy something. But not me from now on. I'm going to be like Joanne! I will be reasonable and organized, and not feel guilty for buying something I don't really need.
    Love this post!