Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Shower Curtain is Wearing Out!

I don't like to waste things. Sadly, I do throw food out sometimes. That's a shame. With other things though, if something still works, and is used, I keep it. It would be hard to get rid of a shower curtain in perfect condition. Even if it is about 17 years old.

I bought this shower curtain at K-Mart in Bayview Village Mall. Some people will know where that mall is. Yes, there was a K-Mart there. And it had good shower curtains.

While I like to update things, I don't like to throw things out for no good reason. And I don't know that a charity would want an old shower curtain.

I will wash this shower curtain and have another look at it. If it is indeed worn out, I will get rid of it in good conscience. Otherwise, it will go back up and continue doing its job. Landfills have enough items in them without any needless contributions from me.


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