Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cleaning May be Fun

I'm starting to think that housecleaning can be at least somewhat enjoyable. Certainly the results are enjoyable but maybe the actual cleaning isn't all that bad too. I realized the other day that I like vacuuming and I don't mind cleaning kitchen counters. Hey, even cleaning the bathroom facilities is not the end of the world.

Issues, or at least my issues, with cleaning may arise from the apparent large scale operation that it seems to be. It's when the tasks are addressed individually that they're not that bad.

Having things a mess and not clean can also be a way of hiding or a way of punishing oneself. I really enjoy a clean, tidy house and I haven't given myself that pleasure. There may be a new beginning here as I appreciate my home and myself more than I have.

Whatever's going on, I'm sitting in a kitchen that is looking pretty much like it should and I know that a lot of other things around the house are coming along. It always has mattered to me and now it's starting to show.

I'm going downstairs to see my rabbit soon. I won't even pretend that her room is in good condition. I hope it's o.k. to have one room of shame. It's just a lot better when it's one and not every room in the house.


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  1. I think its therapeudic and proper to have a room and/or closet of shame. I personally have several - or should say HAD several before putting it up for sale!