Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Saturday, April 3, 2010

At the End of the Day

It's 11:07 in this time zone and soon, after feeding and tucking in my rabbit (ok, maybe not quite tucking in but as close as you come to that with a rabbit), I will head to bed. I look forward to it.

At the end of the day, I consider it to be a good thing to be tired. Ideally it means that you have used up energy and are ready for sleep. There are different ways to be tired, though. I like it when I feel physically tired. I don't like it so much when I feel emotionally drained. That would be how I feel tonight.

It's not like today was a bad day. It's just that a lot of emotions were brought to the surface. And that can be tiring. Maybe taking a lot of things to Goodwill as part of the decluttering had an effect on me. Maybe noticing that the house still doesn't look as good as I want it to after that bothered me. Maybe watching the movie Juno (which my husband and I thought was excellent) stirred things up. Who knows? I just had a lot of strong emotions.

Although I'm exhausted and long for sleep, I am glad that I felt things and cried today. Emotions of all kinds are part of the human experience. Today I had some bad ones. I just hope that I will let myself feel the good ones when they come along. Sometimes I have a lot of trouble with that. That may be a whole other entry or entries.

I hope that the Easter bunny finds everybody tomorrow and that everyone enjoys a nice day!

Oh, and thank you to my friend Carrie. Sometimes someone says things to you right when you need to hear them.


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