Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, April 29, 2013

When Coffee Disappoints

My relationship with coffee has not been without problems lately.  It's not that I love it any less but I am tiring of its unpredictability.  I want certainty that I will enjoy a pleasant tasting drink every time I pick up a cup.  On many occasions lately, coffee has failed to provide me with that.  It has been disappointing and I'm not sure how we can resolve the issues we've had.

It is not price that determines whether or not I enjoy a cup of coffee.  Recently I enjoyed a cup from a convenience store; there have been times when I've been disappointed by coffee from some fancier vendors.  It is not that I am consistently pleased or disappointed with one vendor - sometimes I love a cup of Starbucks coffee, sometimes every sip tastes of bitterness and defeat.  We make coffee at home.  Sometimes that coffee is terrible.  But not always.  The coffee that someone brought me from Colombia was very good but I can't really ask her to go back regularly for that (I suppose).

I don't know what the factors are that lead to success or failure with coffee.  It seems so random.  It's a bit of an adventure to discover what tastes good and what doesn't but I'm not seeking adventure when I drink coffee.  I'm seeking one consistent pleasure in my relatively simple little life.  I'm not asking for a lot or not right now anyways.

To me, coffee has one ideal taste.  Every time I pick up a cup, I want to be greeted by it.  I will keep on picking up cups and keep on searching for that taste..  It's uncertain right now if my favourite bean and I can resolve our differences.  I like to think this is an important relationship for both of us.  I hope that we find our way.


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