Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Friday, April 12, 2013

On Noticing and Appreciating - Despite a Decorating Concern

Moments ago I was sitting in my living room.  That's probably not information a lot of people need to know.  Still, I have chosen to share it.

As I sat there, having put down a book I was reading, and not ready to move onto my next activity, I looked at a picture on the wall and at a piece of furniture.  I considered whether colours in the painting look bad with the colour of the sofa underneath the painting.  I am still not sure about that but I realized, as I sat there, that there are things I like about my living and dining rooms.  While there is a lot of reading material sitting around and miscellaneous things on the dining room table that we would want to move before a meal, the area comes close to being a nice living space.

This entry is not written to say that I have a great living/dining room.  Rather, it is written to share my sense of enjoying that room as it was, without feeling a need to change it.  I realized how nice it is now.

We can search, seek, paint, repaint, renovate, move, do so much to improve things.  Where does all that lead and does it ever end?  Moments like the one I had where we realize we like some things the way they are refreshing.  In them, we enjoy life and appreciate what we have.

I hope that we can all sit around sometimes and appreciate, enjoy, relax.  Ideally we can do all this despite any mismatches in colour schemes.  That's where this all started for me.  I'll try to keep noticing the good things in the future.  It's easier than redecorating the room.


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