Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On Loneliness and Imperfection

If we demanded perfection from our friends, I would be very lonely.  No one who demanded perfection in a person would choose to be with me.  So that right there takes me out of the running.  I'd have to go find hobbies or just be alone.  It wouldn't be good.

If we demanded perfection from our friends, I don't think there'd be many friendships at all.  None of us is perfect.  We know that but sometimes we are bothered by others' perceived imperfections, flaws, the things they do wrong, the things they don't do right.  Sometimes it's easy to want to shut people out, reject them.  I don't think that's right.  It seems sadly wrong.

We need each other, imperfections and all.  In listening, sharing, trying to offer support, sharing a laugh and a smile, we can try to help each other.  We are all trying to muddle through.  It seems nicer to do it together.  It's lonely muddling alone.


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