Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Trust of a Rabbit

That's a nice title for an entry but I am not sure that my rabbit trusts me.  I'm not even sure he likes me.  He seems to be more interactive with my husband (who claims not to like him) and my son.  Maybe the fact that I'm the one who scoops him and puts him in his cage makes him keep his distance.  Or perhaps he just doesn't care for me.  It happens.

Regardless of my rabbit's feelings towards me, I hold the little guy's life in my hands.  I was carrying him around the other night and we were both working to ensure that I was holding him securely.  Looking at him, I was struck by how vulnerable he is.  I am careful with him.  But he has no control over that.  He is so dependent on me.

Every pet depends on its owner or owners.  People acquire pets for various reasons.  Sometimes, they are the wrong reasons.  Sometimes, they are the wrong people.  Sometimes, reasons and lives change and things aren't so good for a pet anymore.  I admit that when my son was younger, I didn't give my rabbits the attention they deserved.  I will always regret that.  Animals still need us no matter what is going on in our lives.  We owe them good treatment and proper care.

I will go downstairs tonight and give my rabbit some of the care he deserves.  It is wonderful that so many pets get good treatment.  I hope that by teaching children about animal care at a young age, through humane education programs, and by encouraging adults to take pet ownership seriously, we move towards all pets being valued and treated very well.  I hope we can show that we are worthy of their trust.

Even if I do scoop my rabbit up and put him in his cage at night.


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