Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am fascinated by the fact that people have different abilities and I am passionate about the importance of people finding and using these abilities.

With the above being said, I think it's sad that so much adoration is placed on a select few in the world.  Actors, athletes, musicians and some "celebrities for no particular reason" are held in high regard, pursued relentlessly by photographers, interviewed extensively and sought after for autographs.  Why exactly are they considered so much more important?

I will admit here that I've had a celebrity crush or two in my time.  Or more than two.  And I still have one.  I'm human.  But as much as I like one actor, I also know that he is a person and I am a person.  I would not seek an autograph from him, given the opportunity.  I consider it like dropping to the floor and saying I'm not worthy.  It was funny in Wayne's World; I don't think it is in real life.

Everyone has so much potential and so many people are making valuable contributions by doing what they do best.  Admittedly, if I was ever anywhere near the star of The Mentalist, I might act like Wilma Flintstone did when she was about to meet "Stony Curtis."  But I don't live in a state of awe and I do live trying to be the best me, regardless of any celebrity.

And for anyone who doesn't know that Flintstones episode (if that's possible), Wilma lept in the air, somehow held that position and exclaimed "Stony Curtis!"  She was very excited.

JAHD  (and RIP to the real Tony Curtis, worthy of a leap in the air too, I'm sure)

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