Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh Right, the Plants - I should probably water them or something

I don't have strong feelings regarding houseplants.  Does anyone?  I used to water a sunroom full of plants when a neighbour was away.  She must have really liked them.

I have six houseplants.  Maybe.  That's all I know about anyways.  I don't know why I bought some of them.  They're green, they're leafy and that's about it.  I understand why I bought ones that were in bloom; I like colour.   And sometimes those plants bloom again later.  That can be really nice.  With the others though, I don't feel a lot of love.  Occasionally, I notice them and think they might need water or something.  It's not unlike mealtime at our house.  And pouring a little bit of water on them (admittedly mealtimes are a little more complicated) keeps them going until the next time.  And on it goes.

I don't have the heart to stop watering these plants or just dump them out, much as I may want to do those things.  So the plants keep on, well, being plants, no matter how I feel about them.

Perhaps my disinterest is a little stronger at this time of year.  I have a lot of outdoor plants and I look forward to the colourful displays they will provide.  Maybe I'm just tired of things that clutter up the house.  We have papers, books and coats for that - we don't need plants to help out.  Or maybe I'm just not a houseplant person.  I can live with that.

The plants will continue to be here as long as nothing untoward happens to them.  There could be an overzealous spraying of a household cleaner, a window adjacent to the plants being left open on an unusually cold night, an infestation of some kind of bug (I generally prefer to avoid household infestations but can make an exception) or, oops, I could leave them by the sunny kitchen window and forget to have someone water them when we go away.  Things happen.

Regardless of whether these plants remain here long or not, I don't think I should buy more of them.   There's nothing wrong with these or any houseplants.  They should just be in a place where they're appreciated.  And that doesn't seem to be this house.


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