Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Titles Under Consideration (Or Not)

I haven't committed myself to any of these titles yet.  See what you think.

1.  Fuzzy Foods and Odd Stains:  Tales from the Back of the Fridge

2.  The Effective Bribery of Children:  Getting Past the Shame and Using the Power

3.  Your Rabbit's Birthday:  Making It Special

4.  Bad Smells and their Origins:  When Air Freshener Fails

5.  Between the Sneezes:  Enjoying the Ritual of the Morning Sneezing Fit

6.  Listening When Your Pet Shares Its Hopes and Dreams

7.  Avoiding Humilation at the Gym:  Tips for those Who Just Move Differently

8.  Discomfort at the Hair Salon:  The Case for Robot Stylists

9.  The Goldfish:  Exploring The Vast Potential of an Underappreciated Pet

10. Why is the "Laughing Cow" Laughing?  The Dark Side of a Happy Bovine *

11. When the Hour Is Up:  How Your Psychologist Really Feels About You

12. Holding Onto the Pounds You Know:  Proven Strategies for Maintaining Girth

13. When Feet Go Wrong:  A (Clumsy) History of Spectacular Falls

14. Using Invasive Plants to Quietly Avenge Your Neighbours

15. Understanding and Encouraging Your Eccentric Small Pet

16. Fruits:  The Sneaky Cousins of the Vegetables We Trust

17. Loving Our Toes When They're Non-Traditional In Appearance

18. Toxins We Love:  The Enduring Joy and Promise of Household Cleansers

Feedback is welcomed. :)

* I have nothing against Laughing Cow Cheese.  It's probably yummy.  But I saw that face staring at me at the grocery store.  Simply put, she started it.


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  1. LOVE them all!!!...especially the one about proven strategies for maintaining girth...I've got that down pat. Keep up the good work...I'd buy them all.