Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Technology and On Resisiting It

I took a very good writing class today.  The instructor was enthusiastic and interesting and there were four students in the class.  It was a dream.  I could have stayed there forever.

Since class, I have reflected on the words of one of the other students and felt a little bit sad.  She seemed like a nice lady, she is talented with words, and she has an interest in writing.  This lady has negative feelings towards technology, however and she seemed a little bit down about it.  She is entitled to her feelings about these things, of course, but I think she is limiting herself.

I know that technology has changed and will continue to change the way that people record and share their thoughts and ideas.  But things have always changed.  At one time, books were new.  At another time, letters were born.  Movies came along and television followed.  People have used telegrams, phone calls, faxes, emails, cell phone transmissions, text messaging, and social media.  New mechanisms come along but people still communicate.

For me, new technology and the use of social media have enriched my life.  I like being able to look things up on Google to quickly answer questions.  Facebook has enabled me to reconnect with important people who had disappeared from my life, as they sometimes do, and to have fun with people who are in my life now.  Occasionally, I send text messages that involve sorting out the details of getting together with people.  Being on Twitter has helped me learn about areas in which I am interested and to learn of other people with similar interests.  (Yes, there are other rabbit fans out there.)  And my favourite type of communication is still face-to-face, ideally over coffee.

I wish that today my class could have helped this woman learn to like technology a little bit more.  Of course, we can't and shouldn't force our opinions on her.  But maybe if we could show her that  technology has some positive uses, we could have helped her open up to the possibilities.


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