Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, May 16, 2011

Those People in That Book

I treasure each and every one of my friends and feel blessed to know all of them.  And then there are those people in that book.  I'm not sure what to do about them.

Having lived in this community for about 17 years, there are people that have come and gone in my life for various reasons.  We got along at the time, perhaps would have become friends if our time together had been longer, but friendships did not develop.  And that's ok.  And then I run into these people at the mall.  And the problems start.

It is nice to run into people and to catch up on life and talk for a little while.  But I don't know what should happen next.  What does happen for me is that we exchange numbers (I tend to record them in my purse notebook) and then we don't phone each other.  Ever.  That makes me uncomfortable.

Recently, I was going through my notebook because it was full and I wanted to recycle the pages.  The numbers are still there.  They are still waiting.  For me, the issue needs resolution.

I do not bear full responsibility here.  No one has phoned me either.  So, three people out there kind of like me but won't go as far as arranging a coffee or lunch date.  And that's how I feel about them too.  That's ok.  I wonder though if next time I run into an acquaintance in the mall, we should just admit up front that there is very little chance our friendship will go much further.  And if we're going to have coffee together, we'd better rush over to Starbucks right away before the feeling passes.


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