Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thinking of People Who've Lost So Much

I look at my kitchen and it is messy.
I look at my kitchen and it is here.

For too many people, looking at their kitchens is impossible.  In Slave Lake, Alberta, fire destroyed way too much of the town.  And people in Slave Lake are so much better off than people in Missouri and Oklahoma.  Tragically one helicopter pilot died fighting fire in Slave Lake.  In the tornadoes that hit Missouri and Oklahoma, many people lost their lives.  Or were injured.  Or lost family members.  I can see the devastation on tv but what it would be like to be affected by it is unfathomable.  But it's real.

I hope and trust that healing will take place, that people will help each other.  I know that people can make a difference in a tragedy.  But nothing will undo what has happened in these communitites.  Terrible things happened.  That can't be changed.

A tornado or some other random event can happen at any time.  No one is immune.  This afternoon I will appreciate that things are calm and quiet here and that I have a kitchen to clean.  And  I will pray for the people who have lost kitchens and so much more.


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