Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, May 16, 2011

Event Planning

I survived my son's baseball opening day celebrations.  If I had just attended, survival would have been pretty easy.  Being a key part of the organizational committee and seeing that things arrived and got set up as they should, survival was more of a challenge, a goal.

I haven't planned a lot of events before and I don't think it is my calling.  That's ok but there will probably be other occasions in life when I will need to plan events for some reason.  I have learned one lesson that will be helpful to anyone in such a situation:

     "Don't just hope for the best."

Yes.  I am rather optimistic about some things.  When planning an event, however, that's not enough.  I may not be a details person but I'd better learn to play the role of one.  Or suddenly I will have a situation again like I had yesterday morning .  I realized that the deal was never finalized with the tent and table rental people and I wasn't getting tents and tables.  And the event was starting at noon.  Luckily, another company came through (before 8:30 on a Sunday, no less, they answered their phone) but I grew up in those agonizing moments of fear and realized that I have to do better with things like this.

Hoping for the best in life is great.  Hoping for the best in event planning is a recipe for failure, tears and public humilation.  I think I'll pay attention to the details next time.  I am so grateful that we were able to save the day this time.  Whew!


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