Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, May 16, 2011

It was worth it

At the start of this evening, I had a choice.  I could stay home by myself and do whatever I wanted (and there are always things I want to do) or go to my son's baseball game.  I decided to leave it up to him.  He wanted me to attend.  I did.  It was very windy.  It was unpleasantly cold.  I hadn't factored in the strength of the wind or the particular nastiness of the cold when I put a tasteful sweater over my top.  Apparently a windbreaker would have been a good idea.  Hence the name.  Anyways, I was cold and I've had more fun experiences in my life than sitting there in those conditions.  But late in the game, my son got a hit and he got to first base safely.  He looked over to me once he'd made it there.  It made it all worthwhile.  I am so glad I went to the game this evening.


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