Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, April 18, 2011

What is Worthwhile?

I just finished removing quite a few books from my Indigo wish list.  When I hear about a book that I might want to read at some time, I often place it on my Indigo wish list.  That way, I don't have to remember all the names and I can carefully consider whether I want a book.

I am glad that I removed several books tonight.  I want to read.  I love reading and I do read.  But I don't have to read every book that sounds remotely interesting.  While books add value to my life in many ways, they can also be another way to distract me from listening to myself and mining my wisdom.  I don't believe that our minds have to be busy with other people's thoughts all the time.  We can look and listen within.  We all have things of value to contribute.

There are so many things to distract us and so many that may waste our time.  Some things are worthwhile through the relaxation and pleasure they bring us.  Others keep us from growing and becoming who we should be and are not worth our time.  I don't know what I or anyone else should be doing all the time.  But I do want to use my time postively.

It's difficult to know what the correct choices are for time usage.  I don't believe that time spent with people, caring and laughing and talking (and drinking coffee) is wasted.  I don't believe that listening to a child's concerns and take on the world is wasted.  I don't believe that caring for a pet is wasted.  I don't believe that reading enriching items, learning, writing, thinking are wasted either.  It may be when we won't stop looking for something to do or read or watch or listen to and won't sit still with our soul, that we are getting off the path we should be following.

I am no expert on time usage.  Not at all.   My list of Internet bookmarks shows that.  But I am aware that I don't have to keep busy and avoid listening to the wonders of my own soul.  Assuming it has wonders.  I'll have to take the time to check.



  1. John Lennon once said "time you enjoyed wasting, was never wasted".

  2. That's a good quote. Just want to check I'm not really wasting time and hiding from my life. Joanne