Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shortage of Supply

I may be out of things to say.  I hope that it's a temporary shortage but I can't be sure.  Maybe some great revelations are bubbling up under the surface and soon they will appear.  Again, I can't be sure.

It's strange with writing.  As much as a person wants to write, and enjoys writing (and I really do), there has to be something to say, an idea, a seed.  Sometimes those find their way to us, sometimes they don't.

I heard a teenage boy on the bus yesterday talking about his drumming.  He hadn't drummed much this year and he figured other musicians were better than him.  They might be, for now at least.  I hope that he doesn't give up though.  I hope that if wants to drum, if he loves drumming, he practises and gets better at his craft.  If he wants to drum, he should.  There's a reason.  There has to be.

With writing, practise helps too, they say.  I just hope I get a new shipment of things to say.  And soon.


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