Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I write the songs.  Barry Manilow sang that.  I would assume he wrote it or it wouldn't make so much sense.

I don't write the songs.

I listen to some songs.  I have to really like music or it doesn't click.  It has to resonate me with me emotionally, within.

Reaching other people.  Wow.  My blog does that a little.

How do we connect to the parts in people that need, that crave connection?  Can I do it by writing, listening, bringing things out of from people?  I hope that I am learning my role.  I think it is important.  It is still fuzzy but I hope it is clearing, coming into focus.  In this world we need people connecting.  We always have, we do, we will.  We need to be honest with ourselves for what we need, who we are, how we hurt, how we can live to heal.  It is my duty to connect.  It is my duty to help others connect with themselves.  Yeah and yay!

I wrote this piece in a new way.  I closed my eyes and typed whatever vague things came to mind.  There was very little if any punctuation.  It is still more a delivery of words that came to me than a piece I tried to write.

Anyways, I like to connect with people and I like people to connect with themselves.  I think it's vital.  I think I may have a role in helping people do that.  I want to help uncover who all of us really are.


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