Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Source

From where do the words come that I write?  What about thoughts, the sometimes funny things we say, the music some people write?  What is the source?  Is it God?  How can we know?

I took a writing seminar a while ago and I learned to get into a receptive state before beginning to write.  I think it helps.  Perhaps we need to quiet the noise to gain access to that which is within.

We can be distracted by so much stimuli.  It's not just electronic devices or other people, it can be our minds which get busy with so many things.

For me, it seems very important to quiet the noise once in a while.  Then I am calm and, I believe, better able to write from truth.

In life beyond writing, too, it seems important to calm down and access what is within.  I think there's much we will hear that is of value and brings us peace.


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