Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh My Poor Neglected Blog

I've been remiss. I haven't written. But I'm back. My new shipment of words is here and I've organized it.

Actually, I was too lazy to write for a few days. The new shipment of words sounds better though.

I wished Happy Birthday today to a man who grew up on my street and whom I played with quite a bit. He wrote back and it was nice. He's 45. I don't know how he got so old. That must be rough. We don't have a lot of contact but we have some. It is so nice. It's good when we get and take the opportunity to reconnect. We don't always get that chance and sometimes it's suddenly too late. That happened with someone else; he's gone forever.

To catch up on what else is going on, I am having some success at not buying magazines unless there is a really good one. I know that they can't all make my life perfect. I still wish that I could twitch my nose and make my house clean up. We were all set up for major disappointment on that count by the Bewitched show.

My wonderful marketing class is over. It was great. I am in a writing course for my PR certificate that is awful. I don't like to be negative but that is the way it is for this course. What a shame.

I spent the morning today with my wonderful 2 year old neighbour. He's a fascinating and smart little bundle of energy. He chose to wear his sunglasses inside for most of the visit. Pretty cool.

Well, I will go to bed. Tomorrow I hope to have a more probing, exciting, insightful, mind-blowing blog entry or two. Really? We'll see.


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