Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Gala - Really

I have no right to complain. I have done nothing to assist in the planning of my school's 50th reunion. The fact that I live many, many, many miles away doesn't excuse me as, these days, the world can be pretty small with technology. So, I won't really complain. I'll just ponder why part of the reunion is a gala. It's at a hotel. There will be tables. And presumably fancy clothes. Wow.

What I have in mind for this event is wandering around the school looking at things (I don't know what the things are, they're just things) and very occasionally running into someone I knew and talking to them. And introducing my husband and telling my son more than he will be interested in about my days at Victoria Park. I have it planned. Oh, and the memories. Even if I don't run headlong into people attached to memories, I will run into memories. Yep. Those memories. So, the gala doesn't really fit into my plans.

There are open house activities of some kind at the school as well as the gala so my vision may perhaps come true. There's also a pub night. How 50 years worth of students can attend a pub night or a gala for that matter is beyond me. But then, I'm not involved in the planning so how would I know?

Regardless, I will push the weight loss along. That is my role in the reunion for my school. Yes, it's self-centered and shallow. But it's high school we're talking about after all.


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  1. It's just a suggestion, and I'm certainly not involved in the planning either - heck, I have no intention of being anywhere NEAR the place - but I think galas, and, ESPECIALLY pub nights are a potentially better idea than the memory-related aspects....

    Still Anonymous, Still the Brother