Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This evening I told my husband that we had to have a talk. He hates hearing this. He asked if he could get a beer or some chocolate first. He needs some form of solace.

I did not have a list of issues prepared this time and, to steal a line from Seinfeld (Festivus episode), there was no airing of grievances. I just wanted to tell him some things. And he sat. And he listened and he was very attentive. It was nice but a little weird.

Moments ago when I said that I was going to write in my blog, he asked if I was going to write about his attentiveness. Hmm. I wonder if it was really sincere.

All joking aside, I think attentiveness is vitally important. It is such an honour when someone listens and looks and really takes in what a person is saying. We need that. My husband is not always the best at this but the ability is there and tonight it shone through.

Maybe the fact that I didn't have a prepared list of grievances helped him relax a little too. I should probably try to keep those lists short. There are good things to say as well.


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