Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Arm as a Tool for Conversation

To me, my broken finger and oversized bandage is an inconvenience. It doesn't hurt much and I do as much as I can despite it. No big deal, usually no major pain.

To some people in the world, my bandaged hand is a conversation starter. I find it a little instrusive that the barista (there's that word again) at Starbucks asked straight out what I did to it but it was cute when the bus driver said that I wouldn't be playing tennis this weekend. And I don't mind at all that the nosy older man up the street asked about it. He seems a bit eccentric and he feeds rabbits and I'm glad that our street has him. It's not a problem that anyone mentions it really.

What I find interesting is that people who normally might not say much of anything, suddenly open up when they see this opportunity. Could it be that people want more opportunities to talk to and get to know people better and normally they just don't see an opening? I like the thought that people want to get closer to each other.

I don't plan on more falls to provide more fodder for conversation but I am open to chatting when people want to. Again, we all need to be heard. And we all need each other.


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