Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reflections on this Blog

Today is the sixth day that I've written in/on this blog. I want to write six days a week, taking Sunday off. So far, so good. And I'm really enjoying it.

The thing about a blog is (and yes to my brother, if I can come up with a different word for blog, I will - he hates "blog") that it's for the readers too. It shouldn't just be me navel-gazing. After all, I don't think my navel is more exciting than anyone else's. Not that I've checked. But there are no interesting piercings or tattoos or anything.

So, I will write and see where the topics go. I hope that they are relevant to others in some way. Maybe you will relate, maybe you will feel connected, maybe you will smile. Maybe you just won't feel alone.

Today I am still feeling overwhelmed by too much stuff in the house. A trip will be made to Goodwill and some snowpants are up for grabs by some mothers I know who have little boys. Why we have 3 pairs of snowpants in pretty much the same size is beyond the scope of this entry. Of course, in going through some things yesterday for possible decluttering, I found some books that I realized again I really do want to read. So even though some books will be leaving, I feel like I have gained some new books. I better make sure that I do read them though.

The work of Gretchen Rubin is one source from which I am finding inspiration right now. She wrote The Happiness Project, which I really enjoyed, and has a Facebook page and a website. I find her ideas really helpful and she is sharing them beyond the book. Her blog (sorry bro') or website or whatever you want to call it is at Last evening she wrote about clearing surfaces. It was good.

By Monday morning, I hope that I have more surfaces in this house clear. I hope that everyone else has a wonderful weekend and maybe does things that are even more exciting than tidying up.

Your feedback is always welcome!


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