Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I want to get rid of stuff

Maybe I need bigger cupboards. In the kitchen, that might solve the problem. That room wasn't designed for the size of the boxes we drag in here from Costco. I know that, I kind of designed the kitchen. Oops. So, things sit on the counter. And then more things join them on the counter to be friendly. And then there is stuff all over the counters and on that cool thing we had to have known as the island. The island is a great place to put stuff.

Outside the kitchen there are school notices, magazines that are supposed to change my life, newspapers, tax forms, continuing education class notes for a course I took and just hope I passed, coats, equipment for an interesting assortment of sports, mail too boring to read but too important to throw out and books. Oh, books. My philosophy seesm to be that you can never, ever have too many books. You can.

So, things surround and overwhelm me. It's not like an episode of Hoarders yet. Those people have terrible problems and need help. But it starts somewhere and watching that show alerts me to the need to control rather than be controlled by stuff.

I love when the chesterfield in the living is clear and I can see its nice colour. I like appreciating the dining room table and even our scratched coffee table. Clear surfaces soothe the soul. I think so anyways. I'll try to test that theory.

We need so much in this world. Ah, but I'm not talking about things. We need love, we need connection, we need mental stimulation and goals, we need food that is lovingly prepared and nourishing and we all need a nice place to call home. I wish that everyone had all of these things and for those us who really do, like me, but clutter up this life and then complain, I think it's time to tidy up, be grateful and see what I can do to reach out and help.

And maybe buy smaller boxes of cereal.

(Oh, something I forgot to mention in my first post: one of my roles is wife. Another oops. I meant oops that I forgot, nothing more. Tee hee.)

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  1. Ha ha, I too love to look at my livingroom when its cleared of crap!! it happens too few times in a month. Good post, however I'm supposed to lovingly prepare food???...I'm not sure I can do that, I can prepare it, but I don't know how much love goes into...just mostly barbeque sauce and pepper.