Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Friday, March 26, 2010

I put my hand up at a School meeting - D'oh!

School Council and PTA meetings at my son's school are held most months and they're on Thursday nights. For the September meeting, I went with a friend and we accidentally knocked over a large bunch of chairs trying to slip out between the School Council and PTA portions of the meeting. Luckily it was the two of us as I'd still be crying if it was just me, and because we were heading to Chapters and Starbucks for coffee afterwards, we still had a nice evening. And, please don't criticize, at least we attended the first part of the meeting.

Some Thursdays I have had courses in my continuing education program. I miss the meetings. Last night the same friend (she's also my sister-in-law) and I were free so we made a reappearance. This was our first time back there together. No chairs were knocked over (we were commended for that as we left before the PTA portion again) and the meeting went well. It was quite informative.

At one point though, there was a quick mention that a volunteer was needed to organize the grade 4 celebration. The school goes up to grade 4 so these students will be graduating to middle school. I sensed danger from that point on. Then, sure enough, the chairperson asked if for a volunteer to organize this event. Then someone asked if anybody had a student in grade 4. I already knew that I was the only one there. I put up my hand. Everyone laughed as I said that I only put it up because I have a student in grade 4, not to volunteer. Then I asked a few questions about it, was told that a lovely and very capable woman ran it last year and that she will give me lots of information. I am in charge of the grade 4 celebration. It was inevitable.

So, I plan on having people knock over chairs at the event as I know that goes over well with most adults and the kids will love it. I haven't made plans other than that yet but I will do a good job, I've started telling myself. And we will be out of the school anyways after June so, you know, I won't have to face too many angry or pitying looks. And there's always the option of moving out of the community if the event is just way too awful to stay here.

There are people at the school and elsewhere who do a lot more volunteering than me. I will try my best and I hope that it turns out great. But I sure didn't intend this to happen when I got up from a nap and stumbled into the meeting last night.

(It's Purple Day. Wearing purple today to promote epilepsy awareness is greatly appreciated. Thank you.)

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