Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good Neighbours

Since my husband and I moved into our house 15 1/2 years ago (yes, that long) we have had good neighbours. We didn't know that too much at first. We were both working and aside from when we were doing gardening and things outside, we didn't see neighbours a lot.

Then we had our son. I won't go into a lot of details but his early birth caused a lot of stir. Suddenly my neighbour Marianne was ready to help out. She visited my son in the NICU, washing up and putting the gown on as we all had to do. She visited when it was me and him home during the day and I was so worried about everything to do with him. She was ready to babysit as soon as we were ready to leave him with her.

As my son grew, he got to know Marianne and Norm better. Both were always willing to help. And eggs, spaghetti sauce and other ingredients flew back and forth (maybe not flew, especially the eggs) between the houses when someone needed an ingredient quickly.

The morning that Marianne showed me the floorplans for their new house 3 provinces away (o.k. it's my home province but it doesn't help), I cried. I felt betrayed. I came to feel better about it but, still, they were leaving.

A young couple with small children bought the house. That was great but I did not know what they would be like. Marianne introduced us but still, you just don't know.

Well, it's about 2 years later now and at dinnertime today, I went next door to get sour cream. I was greeted by 2 wonderful little boys that I adore and J & H who were eating dinner. (Didn't mean to interrupt.) Our new neighbours are wonderful. We couldn't ask for better ones.

This evening is not the first time that food has again travelled back and forth since they moved in. There have also been some snacks and meals eaten together, babysitting done on both sides, children playing together and people trying to help each other through difficulties.

I'm writing this to show my neighbours (one of whom is a Facebook friend) how much I value them and also to express my wish that everyone finds neighbours like ours. It is truly a gift.


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