Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Magical Mango Moment and a Lot of Confusing Foods

I experienced the perfect coming together of want and need when I took the first sip of a Mango Magic smoothie today.

If only food and drink consumption could always be so straightforward and so right.  Generally it gets rather confusing and complicated.  We classify what we eat into good or bad but we eat the bad because it often tastes good.   At times, we eat out of habit or for comfort or something might look really tasty.  We eat and drink when we're with friends and family and celebrating whatever we celebrate.  We deprive ourselves at times and overindulge at other times.  We try to teach our children about food but we eat every sour and cream potato chip that ventures near us (or maybe that's just me).  We hear bad things about some if not all carbohydrates but question if we really want to banish toast from our lives.  Fat may be bad (and fat sounds bad) but it turns out that consuming no fat is terrible and that some fats are good.  Refined sugar can be a problem but we should worry about natural sugars in fruits too.  And really, why not worry about natural sugar?  We're so worried anyways.  Nuts are good but no food is good for those allergic to it.  We consider farming methods from the viewpoints of both animals and ourselves and also the distances that food travels before it reaches us.  But it's hard to eat lovingly nurtured, locally grown food in Canada in winter.  I suppose we could gnaw on indoor plants but I only have two.  One's a poinsettia and they're poisonous; the other is a cactus.  It seems weird to drink cow's milk but I love cow's milk and if we don't consume milk, what happens to cheese and ice cream?  Then there's yogurt.  Yogurt is so very, very confusing all on its own; a debate about the dairy products which form its base would lead to outright chaos.  Who wants to be responsible for that?

So, with all the knowledge we have, what should we eat and drink?  I have absolutely no idea.  I know was that my smoothie was good though.  And in that moment, that was enough.


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