Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Moment of Non-Loveliness

Has anyone else had the experience where, after a short but pleasant workout at the gym, you're strolling through the facility on the way home, considering the purchase of a coffee, when suddenly you have a short but nasty coughing fit followed by a hearty sneeze, which can bring its own problems, and as this is winding down, your new phone flies out of your purse to the recently refinished but still hard floor below and you hope against hope that your phone has not broken because you have not gotten a case for it yet and you have started to wonder if a Samsung phone was a mistake because it's a lot easier to find a funky iPhone case than it is for this Samsung model but you are happy with your phone so that's probably what matters and thankfully it's not broken and you think to yourself at some point "I am not at my loveliest right now" and you wonder if you'll see the cute physiotherapist who fixed your hand and you realize it's probably for the best if you don't see him or at least if he doesn't see you because you can just imagine he'd think to himself "Was it really worth my efforts?  Look at her.  Wow.  Sure the clinic made a few dollars treating her but what if she has friends just like her and she refers them?  Is that the kind of clientele we really want?" and you pick up your phone and act, as best you can, like you're a normal, functioning member of society and then walk over to the Jugo Juice stand to order your coffee because you don't want a smoothie right now, you have fruit at home and, let's face it, you have a ferocious coffee addiction with which to contend, and the pleasant lady there, who seems to recognize you despite your sporadic gym attendance, serves your coffee and then you walk off to carry on with your day?

Life is interesting!  I hope you enjoy your unique experiences too.  Happy Wednesday!  :)


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