Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, January 28, 2013

I thought their fur took care of that.

I've noticed a lot of dogs wearing clothes lately - sweaters, coats, perhaps the odd turtleneck.  The styles vary considerably and, with the wide variety of dogs there are, the sizes do too.  Dog fashion is not one style or one-size-fits all.

I'm confused as to why dogs choose to wear clothes.  If I'm not mistaken, they used to wear only fur.  I wouldn't expect that their physiology changed so rapidly that clothing suddenly became necessary.  Except for their new clothes, dogs look pretty much the same to me as they always have.  And I hope they understand that those of us who oppose the wearing of fur (myself included) are in favour of animals wearing it.  Perhaps, being as eager to please as they are, dogs have taken that message a little too far.  Or maybe they've simply succumbed to the targeted marketing efforts of dog fashion design houses, possibly delivered to dogs at frequencies only they can hear.  We can only guess at the pressure they are feeling to dress nicely.  I can only guess at their reasons for dressing at all.

While the issue of clothing for dogs confuses me, the need for dog footwear seems readily apparent.  I watched a dog trotting along a snowy urban sidewalk one day and knew I wouldn't want those little feet walking in my living space.  There are various reasons for that and I don't know that a quick wipe with a towel would be adequate to relieve my concerns.  That little dog wasn't wearing shoes, boots, or even socks of any kind.  I'm not sure how he or she could justify that.

I like dogs and don't want to put any more pressure on them but perhaps they could shift a little of their focus from clothing to shoes.  Or maybe they could buy coordinated outfits that include shoes; that would make things easier.  Dogs could still express their fashion sense and they wouldn't bring the outdoors in on their feet.  What a better world we'd live in then.


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