Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Scent of Far Away

This is not the heartfelt piece to which I referred on Facebook.  This one came afterwords and is a lot more frivolous.  Still pretty sincere also pretty inconsequential in the larger scheme of things.  Basically, I smelled something and was reminded of someone.  There, I told you what happens.  Now you don't even need to read it because I gave away the storyline.  Oh well.  I would be pleased, of course, if you did choose to read it.  I always am.  :)

The scent of a cologne or an aftershave or something that makes men smell good drifted to me as I sat in a Starbucks today.  Immediately, I was reminded of someone.  My brain didn't question or judge me for having those memories.  It allowed them.  It was kind of nice.

Scent is so effective at taking us back to places, times, people.  By our initial reaction to a scent, I think we can tell how we feel on an unconscious level about who or what is associated with it.  It's an interesting way to access what's going on inside.

I thought a little of what it would be like if the person I had in mind could enter that Starbucks and sit down with me for a while.  We could catch up.  That's all I want.

Some people live close enough that maybe some day they will run into each other again.  They live with the possibility that it could happen.  Within a city, a province, a country, it's possible for their paths to cross.  I wonder what it's like to live with that possibility.  He is still alive (or was last I heard) so it's not impossible but some continents seem far enough away that accidental encounters seem quite unlikely.  I would REALLY be surprised if it ever happened.

I run into many people that are important in my life now and I keep up with many more through various means.  And it's not that I want to re-enter my romantic past.  I shudder at that thought and love my husband dearly.  I would love, though, to at least be able to fantasize about a surprise meeting occurring.  We could smile at each other and remember that brief time in our past.  Of course, he's probably changed his cologne by now and I wouldn't even recognize him.  We'd have to rely on the fact that he remembers me from how I looked in my early twenties.  Yeah, this is starting to seem even more unlikely.  And really, that's fine with me.


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