Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Friday, May 11, 2012

Loud and Unsettled

I ate dinner tonight at an Earl's restaurant.  This week has been very unusual in that my husband and I have eaten dinner out four times.  For this last meal (and it will be our last meal out for quite a while), we took our son as he is back from camp.  It was nice to enjoy a meal together again.

The music in the restaurant was loud.  I am not generally a fan of loud music.  Really, I'm pretty selective about what noise I have around me at all.  Right now, one of my favourite tv shows is on and I have the sound muted.  It doesn't take much for noise to become too much for me.

Thinking about the music in the restaurant, my first reaction was that it was a bad thing.  I realized, though, that there is some advantage to it.  I found it unsettling.  Maybe it is good to be taken to a place sometimes where it's more difficult to feel grounded, to feel secure.  At home, I can get too grounded and secure.  Getting lost in the topsy turvy world created by music helps us leave the world behind.  We need that sometimes, I feel.

I still don't enjoy loud music and I still have the sound down on the tv.  I understand now, though, that it can serve a purpose.  And yes, it is ironic that I went downstairs during the writing of this entry and turned down music that my husband was playing on our sound system.  (He had fallen asleep.)  Clearly, I do not yet welcome a lot of loud music into my life.  But putting up with it during a meal is fine.  After all, at least I didn't have to cook.  .


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