Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bean Bags and Other Things of Beauty

I went into Crate and Barrel yesterday.  I do that sometimes but I'm not a big fan of that store.  I don't find much that I like and some things are expensive, perhaps unnecessarily so for the quality.  If I stuck to all my principles, I would never go in that store because it replaced the bookstore in the mall.  I have not forgiven anyone yet for that transgression.

I was drawn into the store yesterday by the colourful pattern on an object.  I did not buy the object.  It was an Outdoor Bean Bag and cost $79.95.  I couldn't justify $79.95 for an outdoor bean bag.  Really, I couldn't justify it for an indoor bean bag either.  My bean bag needs are not great at this time.

After examining the bean bag section, I moved onto areas of the store.  Not a lot attracted my attention until I came to bedding.  I like bedding and there was a grouping of it there that I absolutely loved.  In the end I did not buy it because I didn't think the beautiful pattern would be visible enough and this wouldn't work and that wouldn't work and I gave up.  I did consider making a purchase though (it was all on sale).

In looking at that bedding, I realized that it is important to buy things we consider beautiful.  Outdoor (and indoor) bean bags may not be necessary but, within reason, it is wonderful to buy, and perhaps make, things for our homes that we will enjoy looking at, touching, using.  When things look pleasing to us, we feel ar least a little better, we're lifted up a little higher.  Things need not be expensive - creativity doesn't require a lot of money.  It is the expression of ourselves and the small joys that beautiful things bring to us and hopefully to others that count.

I probably won't go back to Crate and Barrel soon but I will enjoy being on the lookout for other beautiful and, ideally, useful items.  At least I know now where to go when I need a bean bag in a hurry.  That's useful information.


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