Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Staying Put - and happy about it

It's winter and a popular time for people to travel to warm, sunny locations.  I like warmth and sun and I understand the attraction of these trips.  I have taken 2 myself in previous years.  It's pretty amazing and nice to know that we can board a plane and get somewhere warm pretty quickly no matter how cold it is where we are.

This year, I am not going anywhere and I'm pleased.  My reasons have nothing to do with problems other travellers have encountered in some locations or any issues with travelling.  Rather, I am so engaged with my life here right now that I wouldn't want to leave it.  Wow.  That's a nice way to feel.

I am reading a book that I find fascinating, I am filling out pages of surveys to determine what might be my appropriate career and life path, I am writing, I am communicating with people and I am busy with my life.  Yes, sand between my toes would be nice but my life here is nice too.

Vacations can be wonderful.  I remain a believer in them and their abilities to refresh us.  They end though and we end up back where we started.  If we can feel energized and excited about life without going away, that's wonderful too.  It is at home that we live.  It is at home that we deal with our reality.  It is nice when it's so exciting we don't want to leave it behind.

I hope that others are enjoying winter at home too.   And safe travels to everyone who goes away.


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