Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I just wanted to buy pants

I had another one of those shopping experiences today that seemed to become way more complicated than it had to be.

I had decided to buy pants because I've signed up with another temporary employment agency (a good one this time, I think) and if I am going to be ready at a moment's notice to work, I will probably need to have clothes.  No one specified this requirement but it seems safe to assume.  So, I went to Sears for pants.  They will do for now and, ideally, I will buy pants in smaller sizes soon.  One can hope.

Choosing and trying on the pants were no problem at all.  It was when I got to the cash desk that things got tricky.

There were some delays and mix-ups on one side of the cash desk but someone cheerfully offered to serve me at the other desk.  She didn't indicate that she had a lot more than a simple purchase transaction planned.

Right away, it wasn't good that I wanted to use a debit card.  If I opened a Sears account, I would save $10.  I said that I had a Sears account.  Well, I should the Sears account and pay it off right away with my debit card.  I would earn points.  I didn't venture to ask what value these points will add to my life but I agreed to use my Sears card.  It turned out that my Sears card was old.  The new ones are silver!  And they have so many features including lower interest.  I brought up the point that the interest isn't an issue as I hardly ever use the card.  That didn't seem to matter.  I don't know why.

Once the cashier had successfully talked me into the new, and so much better, card I had to produce identification, recite my phone number twice, do a small amount of paperwork and I think I signed something.  I wonder what I signed.  It was coming at me fast and furiously.  I feared that the woman behind me in line was becoming angry.  I feared she would blame me for the event that my pants purchase was becoming.  I would not be pleased if I was her.

When we got to the part of the pants purchase exercise when I bought pants, the cashier told me that my purchase has a price guarantee.  If the pants go on sale within a certain time period (the length of which I forget), I can bring them in and get the sale price.  Immediately I knew that to benefit from this guarantee I would have to check the sales flyers weekly.  That seemed annoying.  At this point, I turned to the woman behind me and said something like "It's so complicated.  I just wanted to buy pants."  She smiled.  I had her on my side.  She would know I didn't ask for any of the hoopla.  She would know I didn't enjoy delaying her purchase.  (I wonder how her purchase went.  Poor soul.  I wonder if she's still there.)  She would know I wanted this whole thing to be a lot simpler than it was.

I like Sears.  It's not hip but, really, neither am I.  I understand that one of their strategies right now is to get more people using Sears accounts and that the employees are likely encouraged to promote them.  The situation that developed doesn't make me mad but it did tie things up at the cash desk.

For me, I had the time, I acquired writing material, and I found the whole thing funny, if a bit overwhelming.  And I did end up with pants so I will be able to go to work fully dressed.  To me, that last point makes it all worthwhile.



  1. Sounds like you're fired up and ready to work. Good luck, tho I don't thunk you need it.

  2. Thanks Betty! I hope that once I get going again, working will be good. Writing remains my passion though. And the dress code is more flexible. I do enjoy a pajamas-friendly environment.