Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


A while ago, I sat and wrote down 33 ideas for writing topics.  Writing down that many topics doesn't mean I will use all or perhaps even most of them.  I see, from the list, that I have used one of the them so far.  That was the entry about being an aunt.  The exercise of writing the list gets my mind going and sometimes (often), I need help with that.

I am glad that I am able to look at this list.  A few moments ago, I could not find it.  I was feeling rather displeased about that.

While the list is not essential to my future writing activities, I put some work into it and I would like to keep it, for now at least.  Thus, I would like other people to respect it.  I would prefer that they not write their sandwich order on the back of it (this was done) and I don't want it to become the go-to piece of scrap paper.  I note that all the handwriting on the back of the paper is mine but I am trying to make a point.

In a way, it wouldn't have made much difference if this piece of paper had stayed lost.  It has some value to me, though, and I am glad that it didn't get shredded or tossed in the recycling bin with other papers.  Perhaps it represents something deeper.  I guess I want some things around here to be mine and be respected as such.  Sometimes things start out as mine but quickly join general usage.  I am thinking of one soft blanket in particular.  I had it in a secret location for my use.  Now it's in the family room, free for anyone to use and soon the rabbits will probably be burrowing in it's soft, fur-like surface.  It would be nice to have it back but maybe I will let that one go.  At least I have my piece of paper.  I also have a new appreciation that while it's good to share, sometimes it's good to have something that is "Mine!``  It seems like small children had it right all along.


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