Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This and That and Other Things

I have not written much here lately despite lots of potential writing in my head. It just hasn't made it to the keyboard. My brain feels like it's accomplished things but my fingers have not held up their end of the bargain. I hope that they'll get along today and work together.

I took a "friend" off Facebook today. I don't mean to be dramatic about it but it matters to me and is not a step that's taken lightly. Something has changed with someone, someone who lives in the same city as me and there's not the connection anymore. It's sad.

On the brighter side, some friendships have been developing. I cherish those relationships and those with my other friends. I would love to have all my friends from near and far over for a nice party. There is always room in my house for friends. They just might have to get pretty cozy with one another. Not a lot of comfy seating.

Job-wise, it would seem so far from my job search that I am unemployable. I doubt that's true but I have no evidence to the contrary. I may have to make sure that my thinking and energy are directed at that which I truly want. Suddenly getting a full time job is huge. Am I ready?

My rabbit Powder is wonderful. I have loved all of my rabbits. This one, though, I really enjoy. Maybe I'm in a better place, maybe he's just funny, I don't know. But Powder is a bundle of joy.

I continue to love reading, books and gleaning new insights from reading and life. The Canada Post truck delivered 4 books yesterday which I opened and showed to a friend. It is divine to me to receive a delivery like that and so nice to have someone to show them to as well.

That's sort of where I'm at right now. Wherever that is.

I hope that everyone is doing well. This life thing isn't easy but it has some nice rewards along the way. I guess it is a reward in itself.


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