Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Starting Out

A newborn baby being found in a dumpster today. He was alive and has been taken to the NICU in our city. I have prayed for him.

Tomorrow it will be 10 years since my son was born and rushed to the same NICU. He was early, his survival was not guaranteed and his development and abilities if he did survive, uncertain. He's downstairs playing on his Playstation now. We had no certainty that would be the case then.

The little baby born today deserves, like every baby, to be loved and nurtured. How totally unfair that this is his start in life. My son's start was difficult, perhaps more for us, but he was always where he should be as far as care went and he was always very much loved.

There are so many wonderful people who would love to give this baby the love and future that he deserves. I hope that he ends up with people who will give him everything he needs to be happy and have a wonderful life from now on. I hope that soon he is well enough to feel the touch of people who care about him. He needs to know, in his baby way, that he is worthy of comfort and deserving of love.



  1. Me too, how sad - I hope he/she never learns about their past, for they are sure to be adopted into a wonderful home - there are so many families who want babies....why?...why? there are so many other options for young girls in this country - maybe her parents didn't even have to know about it - we have laws protecting women so they can leave their babies (with responsible health care workers) without she's practically like a murderer! These stories make me so sad :-(

  2. I think the way to look at this, and maybe only to keep our own sanity, is that this is now a found baby. You basically have to forget the time when it was a matter of an abandoned baby, and the horror that could have been. It's a new start for this little one. After something terrible, here he or she is at the other end of it - and very lucky to be way too young to ever know anything about it, at least first-hand.
    Very nice entry!

    Your Anonymous Brother