Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, September 27, 2010

Simple Pleasures

It turns out that there is a joy to be found as a result of getting behind on some household jobs. These would be grocery shopping and laundry. We were making do but with the laundry especially, the situation was getting a bit desperate. I'd hate to cancel an activity because I had absolutely nothing to wear. It was close.

Today, we bought a lot of groceries and I got a good amount of laundry done. It was rewarding. It was nice to have nice, clean folded clothes and new food to put in cupboards and fridges and the freezer. The house is somewhat replenished.

These are simple pleasures and they are things for which I am grateful. I don't always feel that way about things such as these. After getting behind on them, I noticed and that is good.

I know that not everyone can go out and buy groceries when they need them. And laundry would be a struggle too if there's no money or time or physical ability to get it done. People can face so many challenges.

I guess acknowledging these things reminds me that some people could use help so that they can enjoy them too. Everyone should have these simple pleasures.


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