Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh the Baking

I baked. I haven't done much baking for a while. I still know how. I still make a mess. I make a big, honest mess.

Whatever good baking does, I don't know. Most of what I bake is very fattening. It's tasty though. And it connects me to women in my family who came before me.

When I think about it, the connection to my female ancestors may be what attracts me to baking. They didn't have the easiest lives and may not have been as happy as I would like them to have been. I hope that baking was something they enjoyed.

I have many more opportunities than these women had. I may feel guilty about that. When I bake, I share an experience with them and am on a lot more common ground. I like standing there with them for a while.

I will try to remember to look at baking as a way to honour these past relatives of mine.

I am not them, however, and I want to believe, I hope I'm starting to believe, that it's o.k. to grasp at things, reach for things, and achieve things that they never could.

I am getting hungry for a lot more than baked goods. I am getting hungry for life.


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  1. Jo, joanne, joey, jo-jo, jo-an,
    Now that I am home, I took the opportunity to catch up on your blogs! I can really relate to them. Hmm, let's see - libraries, - some I like and some I don't. Hospitals, - they scare me - I definitely have a phobia with them and doctors, and I have to get a handle on my aversion. I love having an unexpected surprise, especially from someone I care for.
    Believe in oneself - a must - but not always easy - one needs support! My favorite blog is about the baking - and how it reflects ancestry, and a strong connection to the past and loved ones that don't bake our sweet treats for us anymore. They have passed the recipes on to us and ... we don't just bake them, we remember the good times, the family celebrations, the picnics, the camping, the special holiday celebrations etc. It sure sets me up for thinking!
    Being anonymous is the only way this will let me post.