Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Backyard

No, this is not a piece dedicated to the wonders of my lovely backyard. Rather, I realized this evening that I don't like my backyard much. It's not that nice.

This year the rain delayed my flower planting and there is a lot of weeding to do. Those aren't the only problems out there though.

I sat on the patio and felt like I should be enjoying it. Why? Yes, I was outside. That can be nice and I enjoy our front yard. But as for a peaceful environment, there were a lot of traffic noises, there is one bush, no trees and if you sit on the patio, you're in between the garage and house. It's not really scenic.

I know that there's a lot to be said for being grateful for things but maybe that can be taken a little far. It's not cast in stone that the backyard stays as is nor that we stay in this house. We can improve it or move.

I am glad that I made this observation. It's kind of empowering to realize that I don't have to just accept things as they are and make do. I can also make better.


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