Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Can Leave the Door Open Now

I was getting ready to vacuum downstairs today. I sometimes do that. I don't want to wear out the vacuum or anything but once in a while should be fine.

As I was moving things and plotting, I thought of closing the door to one room. I questioned why. It turned out that right now, there's no reason to close that door. The vacuum won't disturb a rabbit. It was so natural to me to just close it.

My rabbits, most recently my little princess Freckles, have been a part of my life. Maybe a bigger part than I'd realized.

I was kind of burned out on rabbit care. It was lacking somewhat but I had been through tough times myself and I was working at making things better again. I have some time now to see if I'm ready to take on another rabbit and give it the love it deserves. I don't know.

It's good to take some time on a pet decision. Obviously more people should think long and hard before they acquire animals. We owe it to the animals and ourselves.

I just don't like that Freckles is gone.



  1. Joanne - I hear ya on this...I remember when our first dog, Harley, passed away. It's the little things that hit you the hardest (like not having to close doors, etc...) For me, it was coming home from work and missing her bounding to the door. She was always happy to see us and made a bad day disappear instantly with her positive energy and "things will be better tomorrow" kisses. Pets are important and, unfortunately, they teach us tough lessons when we lose them. Definitely take your time, though, with this decision. You need to be sure there's room in your heart for another baby...and there will be, in time.

  2. Thanks for your tender comments, Jill. It sounds like Harley was a wonderful dog. I am sorry that he is gone. One thing with pets, their loss is sad but they are so worth that pain. I have my eye on a little bunny at the humane society here now. I think that I'm getting closer but I still want to really think about it. Talk soon. Joanne