Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, February 23, 2015

With that Cup, Does Society Break Down?

I hope not. And I'm not really a person who tends towards thoughts of society breaking down. That would be a shame.

I am dismayed though, when I see a coffee cup lying on the edge of the sidewalk. Unless someone had a spectacular fall and dropped their cup of coffee or let it go when their child attempted to run off from them, I can't see a good reason to discard a cup and leave it for someone else to pick up, whether the person thinks about that eventuality or not. In what may seem like the small act of littering, a person is showing a disregard for society beyond him/herself. It's bigger than a coffee cup. Why don't they care?

I've carried a lot of cups of coffee around. From an environmental standpoint, it's shameful. I should work on it. But I have never dropped my cup at the side of the road when I'm done, or left it on a store shelf. I've put empty cups in my purse before to carry them until I could find a garbage can. (Awful things go on in my purse anyways; it's not like a few drops of coffee will make things a lot worse.) It's not difficult. They fit in pockets too.

I think it's sad when someone cares so little for the world outside their narrow field of vision. A coffee cup may be small but I think, in some ways, it's huge. It would be so much nicer if even more people cared.


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