Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The World Needs These Books

I have come up with some book titles that merit consideration, for any number of reasons. If there are any in which you are particularly interested, please let me know and I'll fire up my quill. Happy reading!

1.  Ducks - Some of the Information You Need to Know

2.  All About Lemons: 460 Pages of Important (and Fun!) Information About this Yellow Fruit
(Note: this is not a book about lemonade)

3.  Indoor Bird Watching for Those Who Don't Have Windows

4.  Important Dates in Tea Towel History (A Non-Pictorial Chronology)

5.  Chairs and Seating, A Look at Comfort (Special Feature: The Beanbag!)

6.  Communicating with your Goldfish (First in a Ten Volume Series)

7.  When to Use Cutlery - A Helpful Guide (Learning to Feel Confident When Facing a Bowl of Soup!)

8.  Back to the Wild: Staying Safe When Animals Break Free at the Zoo

9.  New Shapes in Umbrellas:  A Look at the Triangle

10. Sure we have the egg but... - Memoirs of the Oval, A Sometimes Forgotten Shape

11. Mold at the Back of the Fridge: Recalling Your Intentions When That Food Was So Shiny and News

12. Crafting with Earwax - Creating Beautiful Items with Nature's Generous Bounty

13. Ventriloquism - Why? Just, Why?

14. The Case Against Mozzarella

15. Whom to Call When Your Rabbit Makes Mad (Assuming You Still Have an Unchewed Charger Cord or Landline Wire and Are Able to Make Calls)

16. Look at Me; I'm Baking Soda! How One Household Substance Developed Such a Large and Troubling Ego

17. Beyond Your Coffee Addiction: Finding Other Uses for the Hand that Held the Cup

18. When Good Boots Fail:  A Slippery Account of Bitter Disappointment (and Injured Knees)

19. Hibernation Pros and Cons for the Undecided Goose: Essays and Exercises for the Individual and Flock

20. And, from our self-help series, "You're Passive, You're Aggressive: Is It Time to Focus on Just One?"



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