Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Thursday, December 13, 2012

On Sometimes Being Humourous

Some weeks I notice a listing in a city magazine for a group within the city called "Wit & Writing for Women" and I wonder about going to their meetings.  I'm not sure that it's a good idea.  I will try to explain why.

Occasionally I write or say a funny thing.  And that's nice.  But I am not always in a humourous frame of mind.  I'm also good at cranky and depressive/ing states.  And I'm not always (or even often) bold and outgoing.  I can still be the person who sits silently in a group situation staring at my hands until someone says "I wonder why Joanne didn't show up" and then people realize I did.   If I go to one of these meetings on a night when I'm kind of quiet and keeping to myself, how can I show people that I belong in a group where people display their wit?  I can just imagine me sitting there, quiet and defensive, and someone kindly offering me tea.  I'll blurt out that I like coffee better, sympathy will turn to dislike, and pretty soon their drop-in fee for visitors will become their refunded fee for people they never want to see again.  I wouldn't find that a very humourous experience.

I wonder how this group typically welcomes new members.  Don't a lot of people feel nervous when they go somewhere for the first time?  How does one become comfortable enough to be funny in such a situation?  Maybe they give people time before they have the big "funny" test.  Six months might be good.  If they supply enough resource materials, I could probably pass.

I will keep thinking about going to one of these meetings.  I don't think I'm ready right now for all the things that could go wrong.  My discomfort might provide some entertainment for the members though.  That's one way I could make them laugh.



  1. JAHD,
    I fully believe you should go and you would fit in very well. Make friends and have a laugh or 5. You have a unique sense of humour. Exploit it!!!


  2. Hi Dan. And thanks. That group has changed its write-up and turns out it deals with stand up comedy. I have no desire to do stand up comedy - I enjoy sitting so much - so won't get there. But did find another writing class that seems to have accepted me. I'll see if I can make them laugh. Thanks again! Now back to Words with Friends. :)